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I made my annual lunch time visit to the NYS Highway and Public Works expo the other day to catch a glimpse at all the new trucks and equipment made possible by taxpayers like you. As with any auto or trade event it can be challenging to take a decent photo with strange indoor lighting and of course the people. Who knew that a 10 wheel dump truck with plow gear was the perfect lounging device. You had guys sitting on the wing, leaning on the front blade, and laying on the hoods. Well, maybe not that last one but you get the point. I had to make a loop of the show over a dozen times just to get the few shots I did but hey, that’s part of the……fun. 😉

So this Kenworth T-470 with Tenco gear from the Town of Milo was a true stand out rig with its bright blue paint job. And, believe it or not, this comes with a manual trans. I’m not sure what I keep making a big deal out of that feature but it seems to be on the way out in all forms of modern trucks.

Now I’m not trying to put down Volvo, they make a nice looking truck but for some odd reason I never had any trouble snagging a shot of the VHD’s on display. Guess they aren’t as cool to lounge all over.

Outside, this uniquely wrapped T-470 was on display as an homage to the various military branches of the United States. Workers from the Town of Tonawanda spent countless hours assembling this truck to its final form as salute to veterans and their families.


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