Plows From All Over

An embarrassment of plow riches today! We’ll start with the oldest plow in the group.

Mike sends in a photo a Brockway 361 that was operated by his father for Chemung County until 1986 when it was traded in for a Ford L9000. The Brockway was one of the first 10 wheel trucks for the county back at that time. Powered by a Super 250 Cummins mated to a Spicer five speed with an air operated 4 speed auxiliary the Brockway and Mike’s father moved plenty of snow over the years. It’s a great looking piece of equipment.

Dad's Brockway 001

Moving south we have some plows from a state not well known for snow, Texas. Bryan shares with us some rigs moving three inches of sleet from the Dallas Forth Worth area. A good time was had by all.

Heading back east John sends in a shot of a Mass DOT Sterling slowly disappearing under a film of road spray and slush.

Finally we return back to my home territory with some trucks from the City of Syracuse, NYS DOT and the NYS Thruway. It’s good to see a few old Macks still chugging along with the NYSTA. Considering the new tandem axle truck of the Thruway will be the Western Star 4800 we can only assume these bulldogs may be soon heading to the auction block. Also in the gallery is a video still of the red Onondaga County Kenworth, the only one in the fleet that I know of.

Big thanks for all the contributions! Keep em coming!

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