Rail Car What Is It?

It’s time for another edition of Rail Car What Is It?

CSX Train

Unlike past entries, I’m not getting an aliens vibe from this piece of equipment. Instead, this one reminds of a giant device for making popcorn, similar to the ones used at movies theaters. Wait for the drum to fill up and then turn the handle to dump the freshly popped kernels.


Thoughts? Guesses? Let me know otherwise we’ll never have an answer.

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2 Responses to Rail Car What Is It?

  1. Matt says:

    It looks like a high pressure steam turbine for a power-plant. Siemens I believe makes such equipment.
    That’s only my take on it though !

  2. James Neiweem says:

    That would be a turbine exhaust condensing unit. Turbine exhaust steam goes in the top and cooling water goes in the side. Looks like cooling unit is U tubed. Also could be classified as a shell and tube heat exchanger. Condensate would come out the bottom and then feed the suction side of a large condensate pump. I am a Mack enthusiast that happened to work in fossil and nuclear power plants.

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