Reduse. Reuse. Recycle

In the John Deere world they don’t come much bigger than this 450D. This particularĀ Cervidae named excavator was seen at the site of a new building for FedEx that is taking place shape in the former parking lot of the New Process Gear factory. For over 125 years NPG was a manufacturing titan of Syracuse. If you have a Jeep or Dodge truck in your driveway that is 2012 or older you probably have a new NPG transmission or transfer case in your vehicle. Like much of the auto industry the factory suffered tremendously during the economic implosion of 2008 and beyond. Now the plant sits stripped of it’s machinery and is largely unused except for a few acres devoted to the dry storage of milk products.

Deere Excavator

The fact that FedEx is constructing a building in the parking lot of this former factory should give you an idea of the size and the impact this business once had on the entire region.

Instead of pickups and jeeps the lot now is home to dozers like this one.

Cat Dozer

A few more random shots.

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