Road Train – Australian For Truck

Australia is the sixth largest country by land mass. Therefore it stands to reason they have some pretty awesome trucks. As indisputable evidence I offer the video below. No where in the U.S. will you see trailer lengths and loads like the ones routinely hold by Australian truckers. The maximum truck/trailer length can be up to 175 feet long and more axles than you can count. To put the length in to perspective the average U.S. semi trailer navigating the interstate is about 65 foot in length. The trucks of the outback also have a completely different style with euro style brake/turn signals and Mad Max style cow catchers, air breathers the reach above the cab and massive fuel tanks. Don’t be confused, these modifications are not just for show as they help make the truck functional on the harsh roads than transverse the world’s “largest island”. Enjoy the HD video below. Mack fans, you won’t be disappointed.

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