Round and Round

It hasn’t snowed in days. It’s quite possible that a full week has gone by without any trace of the white stuff falling from the skies. Despite the warming temps and generous amounts of sun large piles of snow and snirt still remain. City DPW crews have been busy removing these piles that have clogged the streets since early January. Over 10,000 tons of snow have been removed this winter and transported to empty lots for a slow melt that will probably last well into May. I know we’ve seen most of this action before but I just can’t seem to get enough. Hopefully you feel the same way.

Syracuse Snow Removal

Each day at lunch I ventured out of the office and wandered around hoping to be in the right place at the right time. I would strain to hear the sound of back alarms over the usual city noise. With a St. Partricks day parade on the horizon workers were all over cutting back the banks.


I have to give a round of applause to the determination of sometime¬†downtown drivers who simply wouldn’t take street closure as an option. Protip. If the street you wish to traverse is blocked by a large yellow dump truck with flashing lights in such a way that you have to jump the curb and travel on the sidewalk you should probably reconsider your route.

If you like the 4 in 1 combo bucket check out the video below. Scraping, pushing, plucking and loading snow are all possible with this modern device!

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