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Do you ever seen a certain truck or maybe a trucks from a certain fleet that you want to photograph but never seem to have the chance? That is how I feel with the fleet of Ruston Paving. Their Syracuse office is stone’s trow away from my front porch but I have just one photo to prove it. Hardly a week will pass when I don’t pass their yard or see one of the vehicles returning home. Eventually I had to settle for this photo taken at the local Freightliner dealership of their Paystar dump truck. Other units of the Syracuse fleet include a Autocar ACL or two, a Peterbilt and a sharp looking Freightliner FLD setup to haul the lowboy. Of course there is a wide variety of heavy equipment many of which wear the distinctive Ruston blue.


The Ruston’s website also has a great collection of vintage photos dating back to the very start of the company. Take a moment to visit by clicking here. One of my favorites happens to be the Mack F-Model hauling a lowboy and the shot of paving occurring outside the Onondaga County War Memorial. It’s good to a see a company that is proud of its heritage.

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  1. Joe Kelly says:

    Ruston has obviously been a very loyal International user over the years. Funny that you mention not getting pictures of their fleet as I never did either. When I was active in the area they still had a few of those Fleetstars but mostly ran S-series 2574 tandems.

    I remember when they moved into the old Oneida Motor Freight terminal at the corner of Thompson Rd. & Kirkville Rd./Exeter St. Looks like from that excellent collection on their website that they used reside up by the Jamesville quarry. Interesting.

    Anyone have any photos of Oneida Motor Freight’s fleet? They ran some monster tractors in the 1970’s- day cab Ford & GMC cabovers with 3408 CAT’s, 12V-71 Detroit’s and KT Cummins power. Unreal.

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