Scout. Anything less is just a car.

The other day I received a package from a new friend.  Contained within was a great collection of articles and ads from old Popular Mechanics magazines.  There is a TON of great material to post and enjoy over the coming days so stay tuned.  To start, we have some great literature about the IHC Scout.

The 1st add describes in detail how the Scout is superior to any car or station wagon of the time with a welded boxed frame, heavy duty axles, and a commercial grade engine.  As the ad states, never send a car to to do a Scout’s job.

And what about that Scout Terra?  The best mid-range pickup of them all with an optional dash mounted four wheel drive selection, auto locking hubs and a variety of power plants including a 6 cylinder diesel!

And finally we have an add that places the competition squarely in the crosshairs, the Chevy Blazer.  The Scout calls out the Blazer for it’s monstrous turning radius, high center of gravity and ridiculous approach angle.  If you want a true 4×4 vehicle choose the truck that was designed to be one.  Sounds like fighting words!

Click on any picture to see a larger version.  A big thanks to Marc for these great ads!

IHC Scout Lineup

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