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For the past three or four weeks I have been following an ongoing sewer repair project occurring on the fringes of Armory Square. I’m not exactly sure what is going on but based on the piping and concrete forms being lowered into the earth I think sewer installation is a good guess. Based on my visits the crew from Barrett Paving looks to be threading their way around existing utilities. Complicated and time consuming work for sure. Over the weeks I’ve observed a steady stream of independent dump truck drivers working the site. They haul away the broken street only to return with crushed stone or other fill for the rapidly growing excavation. The trucks on site seem to change week by week. At the start of the project there was an Autocar ACL that you may remember from years ago! I last spotted it at a construction site in 2011. This truck has been M.I.A. recently but a Superliner has stepped into to fill the void.

Peterbilt Dump Truck – Click to Enalrge


Do not worry heavy equipment fans, I have not abandoned you. Below is nearly five minutes of the Volvo ECR350 excavator digging, smashing and tearing the road apart. Not to mention loading trucks, moving trench boxes and dropping steel decking like it was so much paper. Also staring in the video is a Cat loader moving concrete forms and a few of the trucks dumping stone.

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  1. Vinny S. says:

    Great shots! Love those zero tail machines, especially the Volvo ones!

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