Single Axles Have More Fun

I bought a collection of old truck photos at the ATHS Reno show over a year and half ago. That was the easy part. My first struggle to digitize them was to remember where I tossed them after a grueling two day struggle of cross country air travel that dealt with striking unions, gruesome bird/plane collisions and general incompetence of an industry that faces no consequences of treating the customer like crap. But that’s a story for another day!

The first of the series is this sweet looking single axle International 9370(?) Based on the backgrounds I assume most of these came from locations on the west coast. The dates range is solidly 80’s. I really don’t know much about these trucks but the story you imagine is often more interesting that the real truth. I can see this truck hooked up to twin pup trailers hauling hay through California. 

Check out that Mack MH in the background.

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