Snow Plows at Auction

Last week we enjoyed some great footage of Brockway and Autocar snow plows from an auction I recently attended. As mentioned before there was an amazing selection of late model trucks and heavy equipment. Below is a gallery of some of the machines that caught my eye. Believe me, there were plenty of rigs worthy of photographing but after awhile you become shell shocked. Not shown are row after row of pickups that were available. With recent budget problems you have to wonder how local governments can afford to let two year old pickups hit the auction block. I’m talking about trucks that have less than 65k on the odometer and look near brand new. Insanity.

This 1991 Autocar may not look like much but it sure did sound good. A Cummins (unknown variety) resides under the hood while your standard workhorse 8LL transmission pours the power to the ground. Being a single axle I imagine this truck would scoot around pretty good. It even has a jake and only 46k odometer. Not bad at all. I can’t say I care for this era of Autocar (too much Volvo in the recipe) but this truck really started to grow on me. If I had money to throw around I probably would have bid on it. Later inspection of the auction program revealed this truck once belonged to the Town of Clay, NY.

Fans of the Ford “L-Series” I hope you have a towel nearby because this ’97 L-9000 will make you drool. With an odometer that reads 169K you would expect to find rusted doors, a mutilated dash, and rocker panels that simply have faded away but yet this truck has none of those scars. I was hard pressed to even find dents or scrapes. This Ford is packing a Cat C-15 3406 capable of producing 425HP. Once again a 8LL transmission is employed to spin the tires. This was a really great looking truck and it sounded even better. I only wish I had throttled the engine a little more. The former owner was listed as the Town of Sparta. I tip my hat to their maintenance program.

UPDATE 5/24/13  This truck has shown up for sale Brookside Equipment Sales in MA for $17,500.

After visiting this auction and spending some time observing the selling prices (very high) I have to wonder if there is more money to be made by collecting equipment and selling in one large group rather than selling it piecemeal through the internet.

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