Snow Plow Dump Off

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here regarding old truck photos and videos. During that time I’ve continued to stumble across the old stand by of this site, snow plows! Like it or not the white stuff is just around the corner so I’ve had good luck find plenty of rigs at the local repair shops and dealers getting ready for the season. The time has come to unload some of these photos before I fall too far behind.

If you attended the Tracey Road Equipment open house this past Wednesday this Western Star may seem familiar.

Also in the gallery below is pair of Mack Granites for an unknown agency, a few trucks from local municipalities and a plow for the Syracuse International Airport.

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  1. Dale Jacobson says:

    I am a Trustee for Spring Valley WI. We are looking for a used snowplow. I see some nice one above how do I find out the price

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