Snow Plowing in NYS – The Book

A new book idea has been proposed to me by author M. E. Folsom. He would like to tackle next, “the wonderful world of heavy snow removal”, but this new book will be specific to New York State and more so to the “classic years” of this type of equipment and work “1940 to 1980”. I have been asked to collaborate with him on this very auspicious project which I have been told that this will take a couple of years to develop and write. Mr. Folsom and I are asking for your help with this undertaking; we are in need of good period photographs and information specific to this topic.

New York State offers quite a bit of topography that many types of equipment and work techniques could be covered. From the huge snow districts of the provincial “Tug Hill” and Lake Eire / metropolitan Buffalo area lake effect snow belts, and the high mountains of the Adirondacks and Catskills; to the all the suburbs and urban centers throughout the state right out to the tip of Long Island with classic Nor’easters. In a nutshell all types of settings and action specific to classic NYS big snow removal will be considered and reviewed for publication in this project. Of special interest to Mr. Folsom will be images of snow removal equipment working in and after the famous “blizzard of 1966” especially in the Town of Onondaga, Onondaga County and Syracuse, NY areas.

Photos of old FWD’s, and Oshkosh’s along with any other truck makes of 4×4 , 6×6, and rear wheel drive models equipped as such doing their thing in the white stuff are needed . We would really like to make emphasis of New York State manufactures such as Walter’s, and Brockway for trucks and Frink for plows and lifts. Other equipment photos that will be of use will be all makes of wheel graders with their mold boards and wings and or equipped with front mounted plows, wheel loaders with buckets and snow blades.  Even large crawler tractors equipped with V-plows busting drifts which were used in some townships in rural areas. All types’ period equipment working the white stuff in New York State is wanted. Old sales literature of truck and equipment makers along with plow attachment manufactures would be greatly appreciated too, you guys get the picture or hopefully more so “we get the pictures”. Of course all selected imagery will receive the proper due credit to their respective contributors.

Please email only scanned hi-resolution (at least 600 dpi) B & W and color images, and information to me at

Remember only “the classic years of 1940 to 1980” are needed and will be considered.

Thank You.

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  1. i grew up in syracuse and many memories of the blizzard of 66. iamfamiliar with the tug hill and the north country as i was an owner operator with wt byrns motor express inthe 60s.ihave not got much walter stuff but would help with my adventures i freqented all the truck dealers in syracuse.memories of ny rte 80 and us20 lots of stuff

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