Despite the return of nice weather the plow shots have continued to roll in to Daily Diesel Dose in record numbers. For the duration of the summer I’ll probably continue to gather shots for a monthly blowout like this June edition of Snowplowpalooza. We start with a plow that I have been chasing for years now, an International 8200 of R&L Carriers. I’ve seen this truck from the road many times but it’s always been located at the far end of a heavily fortified terminal. Eventually I gave up hope of ever grabbing a shot which resulted in the truck piratically being put on display. Once you stop looking for something…

The condition of this next truck is something of a shocker considering it comes from the immaculate looking fleet of the Town of Manlius, NY. Consider this truck as a benchmark. I did spot this truck at a local metal fabrication shop so it’s possible the truck is for a new body or a general overhaul.

Further proof that Western Star continues to dominate the 4×4 plow market of Upstate, NY comes in the form of this 4800 for the Town of Columbia, NY. I first saw this truck back in April when it was just a bare chassis. Now we see it complete with plow gear and spreader. The top of the hood has also been painted black.

Seth sends in this shot of a brand new Western Star 4700 tandem axle with Tenco gear from the Rochester, NY area. Let’s keep this trend growing with more plows from further west and beyond! Email your photos.

Also in the gallery below is another nice shot from Seth and of a long hood Peterbilt. And, if after this mega gallery, you still need more, simply click the Snow Plow link at the right of your screen under categories. It’s that simple!

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