Still Working: Autocar Roll-Off

Welcome to Still Working, a series that I hope will become a regular on Daily Diesel Dose. Still Working will pay tribute to the trucks and machines that have long ago lost their showroom shine but continue to loyaly toil away for their owners. To start, we have a 80’s something Autocar roll-off still in daily use by Syracuse Haulers. Clearly someone at Syracuse Haulers likes this old truck as their fleet is comprised of late model Macks and Internationals. Aside from one Kenworth COE garbage truck this Autocar is the only oddball of the fleet. I hope it has many more miles left in it!

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Do you know of an old truck or piece of heavy equipment that is still earning it’s keep? Email Me!

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  2. ben says:

    I drive this thing everyday, I’ve been told it’s got the big cam 400 in her, with a thirteen speed, she’s a good old girl just rides rougher than shit, and I love the Jake on it, she turns some heads

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