Still Working – Brockway 361 Tow Truck

Looking at the photo below the driver of the orange Freightliner probably should have expected trouble with what appears to be soft ground and a steep angle of approach. But then again if he enjoys old trucks maybe he grounded himself on purpose just to see a Brockway 361 come to the rescue. As long as he didn’t have to pay the towing bill I would say this whole experience was a win win.

Lineberger’s Wrecker Service of Denver, North Carolina still runs their 1972 Brockway 361 on a daily basis helping to recover the “better” and “tougher” generation of new trucks. Powered by a Cat 1693 attached to a Fuller 10 speed transmission this Huskie has been working hard from the day it was built.

This truck came to the Lineberger’s from Florida over fourteen years ago and as far as anyone knows it has always been setup as a wrecker. With a square boom Holmes 750 acting as the muscle there has yet to be a mess that the truck and a two man crew couldn’t clean up in short order. The Huskie Holmes duo has rescued everything from loaded garbage and cement trucks to overturned excavators. The hauling of fully loaded log trucks is a regular occurrence.

A big thanks goes out to Nick for sharing these photos with us. And another big thanks to his Uncle Ronnie for keeping this Cortland classic on the road! 

Like potato chips, one Brockway is never enough. Check out this 1974 361 Brockway owned by Clarence Ritchie for more towing action.

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  1. Nick Lineberger says:

    Thanks man my uncle started his company and built his first truck in 1972 we are still going strong as a small town business serving a small community and making friends every day he doesn’t really get on the internet but makes him happy when we show him his trucks on the internet thank you again if you ever get towards North Carolina he has a shop full of b model Mack’s,a Peterbilt and any other old thing you could imagine feel free to stop in

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