Still Working – Diamond Reo Dump Truck

How about this classic Diamond Reo for your Sunday reading pleasure.  I spotted this truck at a local yard that is usually home to a few late model dump trucks of local hauling company.  At one point in time they had a Diamond Reo in their fleet but this truck was a new one.  I had never seen it before and have yet to see it again.  As I recall the truck sat in the yard for weeks waiting for me to stop and grab a few photos.  Nearly each day I would pass by and say “I should take a picture of that” and then I would continue on my way.  The lesson of truck photography is this, when see it, shoot it.  More often than not a truck will be gone by the time you return.  Obviously, this was not the case with this truck but you never know!  Have your cameras ready!

This particular model Diamond Reo is a big truck with a very looooong hood.  Nothing about this truck is subtle.  Maybe that is why all the chrome, lights, mirrors and other custom touches works so well with it.  Accents like these would just look silly a modern truck.

Diamond Reo - Click to Enlarge

Diamond Reo - Click to Enlarge

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