Still Working – Duplex Tow truck

Here is a very unique find on the streets of East Syracuse, a 50’s something Duplex. The history of Duplex Trucks is a tad murky. All Duplex trucks were custom built and used a variety of cabs manufactured by other manufacturers. This example contains the International Harvester Comfo-Cab while others sported cabs by Oshkosh.  Clearly, a monster engine is hiding under that incredibly long hood.  It’s quite possible this truck was purchased at a FWD drive dealership less than 1/2 a mile down the road from it’s current position. Still running, this truck occasionally shows up at classic car and truck shows through out the area.

Got an old truck still earning it’s keep? Email Me!

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  1. Mark Chambers says:

    I used to work at the Duplex truck division of Warner & Swasey in the 70’s. We sure built some great trucks. I still have a couple of the “Duplex” name plates. If anyone needs one let me know.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Mark. Maybe I’ll go find a Duplex so I can take you up on your offer.

    • Richard Walker says:

      I would be interested in one of your Duplex emblems . My dad , Howard Walker retired from Duplex/Warner Swazey but unfortunately he never brought any momentos home other than some black and white photos of some of the trucks when they were delivered to the county road commisioners.
      I would love to have one and mount it with the other pictures.
      Thanks for posting your message..

      Sincerely,Dick Walker

      • Jim Grant says:

        Hello Dick

        I am working on a book about the Warner & Swasey Construction Equipment Division which included the Duplex Division in Lansing. Your father Howard Walker did a fine job managing the company before and after W&S purchased it in 1955. Great carriers for Gradall.

        I worked with Tom Yosick Duplex service manager at the Gradall Division for 30+ years. Tom worked for Duplex before joining Gradall.

        • Ellen says:

          Was your book published? My son just bought an old Duplex and we would love to find out more about it’s history and what year it is.

    • Richard Walker says:

      Good evening…Having had a dad and brother that both worked at Duplex I would be very interested in one of your emblems if they are still available.Dad never brought anything home other than some pictures.Please let me know at your convenience. Best regards, Dick Walker

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  3. Terry Westbrook says:

    I worked at simon-duplex from September 6, 1988 December 24 1997 when I closed.

  4. Terry Westbrook says:

    I worked at simon-duplex from September 6, 1988 December 24 1997 when It closed.

  5. judson berg says:

    I am hoping someone will know what I need to know. Have H-434-A hopto excavator on a duplex division of Warner swasey truck chassis, with two broken axles. I hope to find out the maker of the axles so I cvan buy replacement axles. hoping someone will know this stuff.

  6. Maxwell J Lipphardt says:

    I have driven by this truck 100s of times and always wondered. Thank you so much. I cross the bridge just to see it ha ha.

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