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Every truck has a life cycle.  Some still have that factory fresh smell will others reak of leaking oils and fuel.  When I see an older model truck I always like to guess at how it is used and how much longer it will be on the job.  Take this Ford Aeromax L9000 for R+L Carriers.  Does this rig still hit the open road or is used just as backup for when a newer unit is sidelined?  Is it a yard jockey simply moving trailers around the loading docks?  Based on the clean and well maintained condition I’m guessing its role falls some where between a main line unit and spare.  Either way, it’s great to see a well cared for older truck still in the employ of a major national carrier.  Unlike many other L9000’s of this age the grill still has most of its teeth and rust has yet to make a significant appearance.  Here’s to many more years L9000!

Ford Aeromax L9000 - Click to Enlarge

Since we are on the topic of Ford, how about this LTL9000.  You don’t see grills like this one any more.  Is it just me or do those tire seem small?

Ford LTL9000 - Click to Enlarge

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  1. Jim says:

    No, it’s not just you, those front tires do look a little small; but it could also just be the angle of the photo. I really like the LTL9000. Crouse Construction here in Chittenango has a couple of LTL9000 dumps.

  2. Sue Reynolds says:

    Hi Eric – I’m Sue with R+L Carriers. It’s great to see our trucks made it into your blog! We take pride in our people and in the way our equipment is maintained, with our focus always being on ensuring our customer’s freight is delivered in a safe, timely fashion. Thanks for the post! – Sue

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