Still Working – Old Peterbilt

I was heading into work the other morning when I saw this classic looking Peterbilt at the jail loading docks. Like always, I have trouble telling if these petercars are original or newer models made to look older. A Peterbilt is just about the only vehicle around that allows for that kind of stunt.

Peterbilt Big Rig

Nice looking machine no matter what the true story turns out to be.

Peterbilt Truck


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2 Responses to Still Working – Old Peterbilt

  1. Rich Byerly says:

    LATE 70’S EARLY 80’S 359,BEAUTY!

  2. CB says:

    you can tell by the rivets on the front end that its a aluminum hood, the fiberglass ones have rivets on the chrome surround in the front whereas the aluminum ones have rivets just before it

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