Sun Spots

This is the one. If I could bring back any truck from the rows of old ‘Binders resting at the Tackaberry Collection this would be the one. I can only imagine what this truck looked like back in its prime but it must have been a thing of beauty. The elongated sheet metal up front tells us that big power (for the time) is lurking under the hood. In this case, a Cummins HRBB. I didn’t do too much investigation into the model but a flip through the pages of International Trucks by Frederick W. Crimson suggest this rig is of the LD-300 model line and was produced at International’s west coast truck factory in Emeryville, California. Typically trucks produced out west stayed out west so seeing this one on the right coast only increases its coolness.

Or maybe I would like to bring this one from the back. This heavy spec’d KB with a wing plow would look fantastic in factory new condition.

And now that I look through the gallery below I seen even more trucks on the restore list. Hmm, why choose just one?

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  1. Paul says:

    The KB is really cool. Is that a Western truck?

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