Sunday Driver

If you are familiar with the Syracuse area or nearly any location upstate you know that the countryside is usually no more than 20 minutes away in nearly any direction. Now that I’ve moved to my new home I’m even closer to that fresh country air. Nothing beats the smell. Why they even have trucks like this one that drive around, mobile potpourri dispensers if you will, that make sure everyone gets their fair share. 

I kid. I don’t plan on becoming one of those NIMBYS that moves next to a farm and complains out the sights, sounds or smells. Maybe in twenty years when I’m older and grumpier.

Yes, now I have a whole new area to explore in order to fill the many categories like Lost and Found and Still Working. I’m not sure where this old Paystar is falling at the moment.

The hills of the surrounding countryside are dotted with numerous small towns and their not so small plow trucks like this Oshkosh from the Town of Lincoln.

With the amount of tractors I’ve seen over the past few days I have a feeling they will be more common place around DDD. Maybe I’ll have to add a farm hand section? Who knows.

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  1. Jason C says:

    First 8910 I’ve seen with the 50,000 Magnum graphics. AFAIK, all 50K decaled Magnums were 7200 series tractors in 1994. Be interesting to get the story on this 8910.

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