Super Trucks

The trucks and heavy equipment you see on this site happen to be the ones I come across on a daily basis while going through the everyday motions of life. More often than not the rigs most common to me come from the vocational side of the fence. Dump trucks, garbage trucks, mixers, lowboys, etc, etc. It’s rare that I see a setup like the one below.

Hunts Point Terminal Market Truck

It’s funny to think that if I worked at the Hunts Point Terminal Market a machine like this Kenworth would almost be common place. Or maybe for everyone of these trucks you have to see 300+ white, bone stock, Freightliner/International Procadias. Perhaps I live in the wrong part of the world as the dump trucks in Rhode Island look like this. I’m working on getting the full resolution photo so stay tuned!


Thanks to Joe B. and my father for sharing these cool rides.

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