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Many, many years ago, long before this site started and long before I had a digital camera I saw this truck working alongside Route 5 in Fayetteville, NY. At the time I thought it would be a cool truck to photograph but realized because of its age I may never get that chance. Imagine my surprise when I saw it parked near the lot hosting the surplus vehicle auction from last week. I love the S-Series International and the S1900 6×6 is one unique machine in the NYSDOT fleet. There is not a spec of rust on that cab and if it wasn’t for that damage front fender this truck would be pristine.

International S1900 Boom Truck

Elsewhere on the grounds was the stout looking forklift. Clearly military surplus, this machine must have one insanely low center of gravity.

Military Forklift

I used the zoom on my camera for this shot of a burned out Mack Granite. No details on the cause of the fire but events like this can bring down any entire garage if the time is wrong. Hopefully this resulted in no injuries.

Mack Granite Accident

The Oshkosh duo from yesterday were not the only blowers to be found. A flat tire on this one causess me to question the road readiness of this beast compared to the other two.

Oshkosh Snow Blower

In the gallery below we have another angle of the Oshkosh from above, a random crane and more shots of NYSDOT Internationals. Before the Macks entered service most DOT yards could easily be mistaken for an International dealership. Such was the amount of ‘Binder iron employed. Many of these trucks still exist and a few show up in the gallery below.

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  1. Devin says:

    Definitly the first time I’ve ever seen strobes or any lights for that matter on the headrack of a log truck!

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