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Who Wore It Better

I know these trucks are not exactly equals in terms of the body out back but they are similar in concept. Which one would you rather drive? This shiny and new Freightliner 122SD presuabmly with cruise, A/C, satellite radio and … Continue reading

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At the Dealer Fall 2015

A new green Freightliner with a Trout RiverĀ liveĀ bottom dump trailer. All the clues point to a new truck for road paving superstar Suit-Kote. I spied this truck back in the fading summer sun of early September. If it was delivered … Continue reading

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Freightliner Brothers

From the outside I’m not sure if there are any defining marks that help to determine the difference between a Freightliner Coronado and a Freightliner 122SD except for the badge. Under the hood the engine, transmission and suspension choices change … Continue reading

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MATS 2013

So now that the Mid American Trucking Show has come and gone I figure it’s about time for me to condense the new product information for you reading pleasure. Better late than never right? Peterbilt Peterbilt pulled back the wraps … Continue reading

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