Teacher’s Pet Pulling Tractor

Now this is a tractor! I was passed by this International Farmall 1066 “pulling” tractor on the interstate a few weeks back. It has two stacks so I’m guessing it’s a twin turbo setup. Probably makes a decent quantity of black smoke but you only live once so who cares? I did some digging around online and I believe I found a story about the tractor here. The article is from 2005 and may be a little dated as the tractor pictured only has one stack. Either way, the article is worth a read if for nothing else than to learn how expensive one of these tractors can run.

IHC Pulling Tractor – Click to Enlarge

And if you’re curious, the wife was driving when I took this shot.

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One Response to Teacher’s Pet Pulling Tractor

  1. big rig says:

    oh yes pulling tractors are hot I bet this one pollutes bad out of those two stacks haha

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