That Will Buff Right Out

That will buff right right out. That is the favorite joke of nearly everyone when looking at catastrophic damage on a vehicle. It’s usually funny expect when looking at ones own vehicle. Sadly, accidents are a way of life in this imperfect world of ours. The WorkStar you see below slammed into a house after it’s brakes failed while going downhill. The driver escaped with minor injuries and no occupants of the home were injured.

This poor Western Star 4700 was the victim of frost heave that caught the plow blade and forced it under the truck. Catching a heave with your plow blade must be one of the more scary things to happen to a driver as there is little to no warning. Once second you’re driving along the next you are staring at the sky. A few days before this Clifton truck was caught a rig from the Town of Leon also fell victim to this winter time trick.

These photos serve to illustrate the point that driving for a living is a dangerous job. Have you hugged your trucker today?

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