The actual 250,000th T-800

I mentioned the other day the milestone Kenworth reached with the production of the 250,000th T-800. I didn’t have a photo of the actual truck so I used a stock image. Regular visitor Jim did some digging around and found a photo of the actual truck and official press release.

The landmark Kenworth T800 was received by Trican Well Service Ltd., which is one of North America’s largest providers of oil and gas pumping services and whose headquarters is located in Calgary, Alb. Trican purchased the new T800 from GreatWest Kenworth in Calgary and expects to use the vehicle to transport a massive coil unit in excess of 200,000 lbs. in the oilfields of North America. The Kenworth T800 has become Trican’s truck of choice for its versatility, reliability and high maneuverability.

Trican’s tridem, wide-hood T800 is powered with a Cummins ISX15 500 hp engine rated at 1,850 lb-ft of torque at 1,200 rpm and driven by an 18-speed manual transmission. The T800 features the Diamond cab interior with Kenworth NavPlus®, and the Kenworth 38-inch AeroCab® sleeper. Other specifications of interest include Kenworth’s large, 1,780 square-inch cooling module, Kenworth AG690 rear suspension, Dana Spicer D2000 20,000-lb. standard track front axle, 20,000-lb. Watson and Chalin steerable pusher axle, factory-installed transmission power takeoff (PTO) and auxiliary split-shaft PTO, and front and rear Bendix air disc brakes.

250,000th Kenworth T-800 - Click to Enlarge

Thanks Jim!

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