The Christmas Season

Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is on the horizon. You know what comes next…Christmas! This past Monday the official Christmas tree for the City of Syracuse arrived for display in Clinton Square. Technically the city will never refer to this as a Christmas tree. In press releases it is simply known as “the tree”; just another part the Home For the Holidays celebration that takes place on November 28th. We all know the bottom line in this age of P.C. Annnnnyywaaaay, after two years of trying I was finally able to catch the arrival of the tree during my lunch break. It was a warm and beautiful fall afternoon that lead to some nice photos. Unfortunately I ran out of lunch time before the true setup began but I’ve got you covered through the links below.

JPW Erectors assisted Syracuse DPW crews with the hauling and setup of the 68 foot tall Norway Spruce. Using a specially designed tree stand that is physically part of Clinton Square crews cut and notched the base of the spruce to make a sturdy and upright display. City electricians will now spend the better part of the month rigging over 16,000 lights that will help make the holidays bright. Full setup details, videos and photos can be found here.

JPW Erectors

Link-Belt glamour shots.

Link-Belt Crane

And here it comes, 68 foot, 11,000 pound main event.

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