The Comforts of Home

With a baby it’s a little hard to get around and check out trucks and heavy equipment. Luckily for me they objects of my desire have been coming directly to my door step.

Living in the middle of a farm field for the past two years I’ve been trying to capture some tractor footage but I’ve never been home when the farmer hits the fields. The other morning that finally changed. Only I can consider it good fortune to be home when it’s time to spread some good ol’ fashioned manure. The hard kind. None of that super stinky liquid stuff.

The next morning “Papa’s Toy” paid a visit with more brown gold. The International 3788 is one of the fastest looking tractors ever produced. It reminds me of a race car. This one has definitely seen better days but until recently it was hoodless so I guess we’re moving in the right direction.

As you can tell I’m actively participating in the slow sprawl of suburbia. The growth of the development has been slow but yesterday I was able to catch some good action just by looking out my front window. That’s a view that can’t be beat!

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