The Daily Diesel Dose Tapes

This “found” footage will not help prove the existence of aliens or tell us who built the pyramids but it will fill your ears with the sounds of diesel. To start we travel back to the first weekend of August and the Empire State Antique Truck Association annual show. Classic tractor pulls are always part of the weekend but before the fun can begin the track must be prepared using only the choicest of machines, the John Deere 4010. I thought this tractor had a nice vintage sound to it.

Thanks to the dysfunction that is the desktop of my laptop this video of Peterbilt 359 climbing the grade the ATCA Northeastern PA show was almost lost forever! This truck would eventually leave the show on the back of wrecker due to a bad injector. Make sure to check out the U.T.R Usherwood Truck Restoration page on facebook for more of this rig and other cool trucks. Click here.

Even events as recent as the ATHS Hudson Mohawk show have footage represented here today. I took a video of this beautiful Autocar on my phone and nearly forgot about it. How would you finish this truck? Maybe a dump body or a roll off setup? Rocket launcher perhaps?

That’s all for today but I can tell you more videos are in the works from the CNY ATHS show and even more from the ATCA Northeastern PA show. Patience is a virtue.

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