The Del DeYoung Classic Car and Truck Collection

For regular readers of classic truck magazines such as Double Clutch and Wheels of Time today’s post might be old news but for everyone else consider it a public service announcement. July 25th will see the well known classic car and truck collection of Del DeYoung cross the auction block. Following Mr. DeYoung’s passing his family felt it was time for others to enjoy the great collection of vehicles he had amassed over a lifetime of collecting.

Browsing through the catalogue reveals a wide and diverse group of trucks (and cars) that you just don’t see too many of anymore. There is an impressive group of Diamond-T trucks available from nearly the entire life span of the company.


1942 DIAMOND T 612SC Cabover – Click to Enlarge

If I lived closer to Wisconsin I would check this out in a heartbeat. You can check out the rest of the vehicles for sale by visiting US Auctioneers website by clicking here.

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