The Diamond T Fleet

Below is the lineup of the Bloomfield CT Public Works Department as it appeared in the mid 1950’s. Working from left to right we see some unknown equipment¬†Jacobsen reel gang mower, a Michigan loader, a unknown truck (possible GM product), a Chevy pickup, a International L-Series pickup, an Autocar (possible AWD), a S-Series International, four Diamond T’s, a grader (lasted until at least 2011) and finally a Ford pickup. Identities of the men pictured are unknown.


Jumping forward a few years we seen that line up has changed (back row) with the addition of FWD, a B-Model Mack,¬†newer Diamond T’s, a possible Reo, another IHC and the Autocar from the earlier photo. The second row brings us an Austin Western Super 88 Grader, a Michigan loader, an Austin Western sweeper, possible Case or IH backhoe, A and B series International flatbeds. Up front we have an International B-Series pickup, along with a Chevy and Ford pickup.

gof 004_cr (1280x720)

We can peg these photos prior to 1965 based on the location of the garage and the expert knowledge of David who served as the director of the BPWD for 24 years. Great stuff!

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5 Responses to The Diamond T Fleet

  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    The first machine is a Jacobsen reel gang mower. The second is a Trojan loader. The third is GMC 4×4 conversion snow plow/dump.
    Mark (Trucks) Bickelhaupt

  2. Jake S. says:

    The unknown truck between the Michigan loader and Chevy truck on the left side could be a ’42, ’46, or ’47 Ford 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 ton truck.

  3. BobSaget says:

    GMC stepside middle of closest row

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