The Extent of Zoom

Over the years I’ve fallen out of the habit of carry my camera around with me at all times. That’s too bad because these trucks could have benefited from some extra focal power. My cell phone did fairly well all things considered.

First up is this old Ford bucket truck sitting at a semi abandoned factory/power plant between Fulton and Oswego. This truck is one of those models that used to be everywhere until it wasn’t.

The Ford’s resting mate is the Hough 90 Payloader. Like all equipment left in the weeds the door has been left open to make it easier on the critters and weather to wreak their havoc.

And finally, the truck that I really wish I had the zoom for, this 200 series Brockway.

It suddenly emerged from the forest after decades of hibernation. This particular stretch of real estate outside of Watertown, NY has been a hot spot of old Brockways over the years. Some of which I have never shared on this site. 😉

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