The Future of Trailers?

Could this be the future of trailer technology?  It doesn’t take much to realize a square box being dragged down the road at 65 mph is anything but efficient in regards to aerodynamics.  With that premise in mind Mercedes Benz engineers  have designed a trailer to radically change the world as we know it.

MB Aero Trailer - Click to Enlarge

Tests have shown that the duck tail fins at the back of the trailer reduce wind resistance by 18% percent.  Working in tandem with all the other features and paired with the right truck and you just might see a yearly reduction in fuel consumption by 528 gallons.  Multiply that number by the average diesel cost/gallon and you have a nice chunk of change.  And don’t forget, the less fuel you burn the less CO2 that enters the atmosphere which makes Al Gore very happy.

Sources:  Mercedes Benz

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