The International Lineup

Earlier this week International unveiled the final truck in their completely revamped lineup, the CV. As we’ve discussed before the CV is a joint venture between International and GM with both companies receiving their own unique model to sell through their respective dealer networks.

The CV comes equipped with the International 6.6 diesel engine which from what I understand is a Duramax tuned to International specifications. A six speed Allison automatic will be the common transmission of choice. A tilting hood, similar to those found on larger trucks, allows easy access to the engine bay. With the addition of the CV International now produces a truck model through all classes of heavy truck, 4-8.

This lineup of new or heavily refreshed trucks represents the final phase of International’s rebuilding program following the disastrous Maxxforce engine years in which the company saw market share decrease while warranty claims exploded through the roof. By all accounts the plan is working as market share has increased 2.7 points over the previous year while it’s share of the 13L engine market, the all important Class 8 market, has more than doubled.

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2 Responses to The International Lineup

  1. Dan says:

    If history holds true their class 4/5 will not do well. Saving grace is GM buying power and low budget engineering. Their 13 liter is not doing well. Last ditch effort before before VW takes over. International is buying business left and right. I’m living thru it. They can build a truck in 3-4 months when everyone else is 6-10 months….marketshare reflection.

  2. AndyinMA says:

    It sure looks like a Chevy

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