The Last (Almost) 359

The 359, the first long hood conventional to roll off the Peterbilt factory line and into the history books as one of the most iconic truck designs of all time. The styling cues this truck introduced in 1967 can still be found today in not only late model Peterbilts but nearly every other major American truck builder.

The final year of 359 production arrived in 1987. Fittingly, 359 special trucks were produced and sold that year to lucky individuals across the country. This particular truck is number 357 of that run. A special dash plaque, kick panel badge and fenders help mark the unique history of this Peterbilt to the trained eye. Of course these were details I was ignorant of until owner Andy Henderson pointed them out. This Pete was the last truck owned and operated by Andy’s father which perhaps is the most important detail of all.

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