The Modern Paul Bunyan

If you’re a tree this is the last piece of heavy equipment you want to see. You can’t tell from the photo but there is a giant saw blade at the bottom the attachment that can slice through a tree in seconds. The fingers in the middle allow the operator to grab the tree and control the fall. Death comes quickly.

If you were a fan of the Discovery show Swamp Loggers this Tiger Cat should seem familar.

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After the tree is felled the Deere excavator picks up the remains while the “hydro ax” pulverizes any stumps and smaller wooded material.

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Some of the wood is trucked off site intact but the majority of material will be fed into this giant chipper. The Morbark 30/36 has a hydraulic arm to help feed a steady supply of “biomas” into its 83″ disc, most likely an impressive stat. A neat video can be found here.

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All of this equipment was seen working near the outskirts of the Syracuse International Airport to deforest land close to the runways per FAA regulations.

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