The Original Tilt Shift

Tilt shift photography as interesting combination of camera settings that transform real life subjects into ones that resemble scale models or dioramas. In the past Dan has shared with us his take on the latest rage with his photos of a crane move near Niagara Falls.

Now if your old school you may just care for the real thing and if that is the case you should check out this quickly approaching event.


For an idea of what you will find I suggest checking out this photo gallery. The amount of detail contained in these models is nothing short of insane. I’m not sure how people do it.

On the subject of scale models First Gear has just announced a new series using their latest release the Mack R model.


The series will commemorate the fallen flags of these industry. It will be interesting to see what companies are selected by First Gear. The R-Model has a fully functional hood and detailed engine, working landing gear, roll up door, and more! Check out the full detail by clicking here.

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  1. Jim says:

    Are you planning on coming to the Spring Thaw Show? If so, hope to see you there.

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