False Start

Looks like the Barrett Paving crew I spent so much time watching last summer has returned for more storm sewer action. No doubt lured out by the warm weather of last week activity was in full swing on what appears to be the placement of storm sewers.

A few more excavators appear to be on hand this time around. The day after I took these photos the temperature dropped to the low teens and 12 inches of snow fell on the region. Things really haven’t improved much since then with bone chilling temperatures still in the weather report. Good luck guys!


So I forgot to mention that as watched the ongoing construction I noticed a local news crew shooting some footage. I scoffed at their late arrival to the party but they did end up getting the full story. Many of the utilities along this this street scheduled to be replaced representing nearly half a mile of city streets waiting to be torn up for your photo and video pleasure. As KoolAid man would say. Oooooh Yeah!

Here is the video shot by the news crew. My goofy face didn’t make the cut.

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