The Trooper

Fire Truck Friday never really took off around here but I know more than a few of you enjoy them (as do I) so here two for your approval.

In 2009 I came across this old Seagrave fire engine that once belonged to the Solvay Fire Department. At the time of this photo it was located near a rear parking lot of the NYS Fair Grounds. I believe the Syracuse Nationals were taking place so once again I was outside the actual event taking photos of derelict equipment. The unusual white color and old style rotating beacon emergency lights caught my attention.


I’m not sure if The Trooper every found a new home. It looks to be all there and rather solid.


Moving back to more modern times here is Engine 1 of the Syracuse Fire Department. At the time of the photo it was responding to some sort of motor vehicle accident. Two cars were facing the wrong direction respective to their side of the street when I walked by. I didn’t notice any damage to either of the two but someone was being strapped to a rescue board so I guess it was worse than it looked.


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