This is…the 100th Post!

I would like to take a moment and celebrate a rather large milestone in the history of, the 100th post. Yes, this post right here is number 100. I know, almost too exciting to bear! It seems like just yesterday when I made the 1st topic related post for this site. At that time I had no idea what is what like to run a website.  I can look back now and say it’s more work than I realized but also been pretty fun.  Finding content for just one post a day is harder than it looks! I hope my regular visitors have enjoyed the site and plan to keep on visiting because I have no plans to stop! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane at revisit some of my favorite postings.

Volkswagen to Purchase International – The very first post!  To this date nothing (that I know of) has come of this deal.  As an International fan and owner I take this one close to heart.  Let’s hope Navistar remains independent.

Lost and Found – White 3000 – This was a fun post to author as I was able to photograph this old White 3000 that has been abandoned to rot in an decaying industrial portion of town.  It was also the very first post in the Lost and Found series.

The Silver Spade – To date, I feel this post is my most complete and well authored.  Plus the subject matter is just too cool.

World Largest Motorcycle – The absurdity of this contraption is what makes it so amazing.

Bridges; The Natural Enemy of Trucks – Just plan silly.

Syracuse DPW Visit – The elusive All-Wheel-Drive Autocar was finally captured!

Ice Road Truckers – Continuing coverage of the latest IRT season.

Famous Trucks – 1960 Peterbilt 280 – One of the greatest truck related movies ever!

Once again, a big thank you to all my loyal visitors.  Please feel free to send any comments, critisims, photos, story ideas, rumors, news, etc to  Please feel free to get involved!  Comment on stories!  Long live Daily Diesel Dose!




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