Tombstone Run

Well this sure looks like fun. Check out the exciting video of The Tombstone Run, a now annual event held on the twisty mountain roads of Oregon. Plenty of eye and ear candy here as old Peterbilt, Mack, Autocar and Kenworth logging trucks churn up the steep mountain passes. The video is nearly 30 minutes long but contains numerous view points of the trucks as they make their way down the road to an eventual BBQ lunch.

If you need more the local paper produced an excellent write up of the 2012 event complete with photos and driver interviews. Check it out by clicking here.

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3 Responses to Tombstone Run

  1. Texas Stick Shift (Dan Bowling) says:

    Love your web site!! Just found it !! awesome I’m finding out I’m not the only truck nut out there–found you-tube and now your site I’m slowly becoming a high-tech redneck and there is a lot of info out there—a lot of us think alike I’m 58 and I like the old school trucks prefere CUMMINGS buut I like em all I guess it goes back to childhood when I drove trucks for my dad starting at age 14 then legally at 18 so its in my blood I broke out on 60 international 220 cummins 10 sp road ranger drove a bunch of all of em—petes 5×4 -6×6-13sp diamond reo etc I think the 9 sp is like drivin a pick up w 6 sp — gimmie some GEARS this walkin beef wont get to market with that!!!!! enjoyed it we’ll be checkin in from time to time Keep up the good work

  2. Texas Stick Shift (Dan Bowling) says:

    great job keep up good work I’ll try not to talk so much –I used to like to sit around our small town and listen to the old timers talk about how it used to be –now I’m one of the old timers tellin how it used to be

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