Treasure Chest

There is a place on the outskirts of town that contain plenty of cool and vintage trucks. They hide on a narrow piece of property behind thick weeds and brush. The only time you can really see them is during the winter and even then the site lines are horrible. I’ve mentioned this site before a few years back when a B-Model Mack emerged from hiding. Passing by this location I noticed a new truck or least one that I could not see on previous visits.

Northern Companies Brockway

Yes, that is a Brockway and it’s wearing the Northern Companies logo. I went back and forth on the shoulder of the road a few times trying to get the best angle and this was it. We can only guess at the condition and model but I’m getting a 358. Anyone else care to hazard a guess? Maybe you even know something about this truck? This is part of CNY trucking history as Northern has now be folded into the Riccelli Enterprises empire.

I feel bad about sharing this one tantalizing photo so here is another Brockway in full view thanks to Ryan. It may even be the same model as the truck above!

Brockway 358 dump truck

This dump truck resides in Poland, NY and is in good hands according to some follow up posts on the Brockway Trucks Facebook group. If you’re not a member I suggest you look it up and join. And if you want the true nuts and bolts along with answers to questions from the people who know Brockways better than anyone else you must check out the Brockway Trucks Forum. If you can’t find what you need over there you’re asking the wrong question.

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2 Responses to Treasure Chest

  1. Joe says:

    Is this Brockway located in East Syracuse off Hartwell Ave? I seemed to remember there were one or two 358 dumps parked over there. That was quite a few years ago though…

    • Eric says:

      No, this is over by Rock Cut Road in Jamesville. Funny you mention those other Brockways. I grew up on the corner of Irving and Dausman so I would see and hear those trucks nearly everyday of my childhood. I didn’t come to appreciate them until they were long gone but at least one lasted at the property until the 90’s. From what I remember they were in tough shape with one eventually being replaced by an Autocar at some point.

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