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One of the many reasons I look forward to attending the national ATHS meet is the wide variety of trucks that make the journey. People really pull out the stops and bring some unique machines┬áthat you just don’t see outside of the largest of shows. Case in point, this Diamond Reo Trend.

Diamond Reo Trend

Not long ago I had a stomach bug and the only the only thing I could do that didn’t involve the bathroom was read. In my case I memorized the pages of White Trucks of the 1960’s by Ron Adams. Toward the end of the book there was a neat shot of a Diamond Reo Trend. I thought to myself how cool it would be to see one of these odd ducks as their can’t be that many left in usable shape. It would be even cooler if it had the optional camper. Boom. There it is. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it.

Diamond Reo Trend

The cab is made out of a laminated thermoplastic known as Royalex. This future material was unique as it had a memory that could be activated with heat from a hair dryer or similar device. No need to fix dents with body filler or fiberglass mix. Just turn up the heat and the thermoplastic would return bounce back to life. I can’t speak on how this works in real life. ­čÖé

Diamond Reo Trend

Engine choices included a few different V-8 gas engines or V-6 diesel. Four or five speed synchronized gearboxes were available. The bed transfer process reminds me of the setup currently used by NYS Thruway trucks to transition from sanders to dump beds when the time is just right.

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  1. Gerald E Wine Jr says:

    How do I find out the schedule for Truck Shows. I always seem to find out about them after they are over.

    I am also restoring a 1974 Diamond Reo, Raider, axle forward and would like to connect with someone that could steer me in the direction of some body and interior parts.


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