Truck Spotting on Vaction

The past five days or so I spent some time down in Florida, specifically the Walt Disney World region. Even though I was on vacation my eyes were still peeled for trucks of any variety. WDW does a good job of hiding their fleet of service vehicles by running them on back roads during off hours. Nothing must disrupt the atmosphere of magic and happiness. Nothing! Thanks to my skills in truck spotting I was still able to find a few vehicles to share with you from my vacation travels.

The gallery starts below with an ambulance at the Orlando International Airport. I’m not sure what it was doing parked by the jetway but hopefully it was nothing too serious. Next we have a pair of refuse trucks of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The RCID is some sort of quasi government the operates typical municipal services within the 38 square mile district that covers Disney property in Orange and Osceola Counties. My wife went up to the driver of the Autocar rig and asked if we could snap a photo of his truck. He seemed puzzled by the request but obliged us. I can’t blame his confusion because after all who goes to Disney and takes a pictures of garbage trucks? Also in the gallery is picture of Nova RTS bus that is part of the WDW fleet used to move resort guests amoung the four theme parks and other locations on property. The RTS is an very old style bus by the standards of today but more than a handful cling to active duty in the fleet. The Peterbilt mixer belongs to industry giant Cemex and was on a job to create forms for some sort of water retention basin. Finally we have a large snow melting device on the grounds of JFK International Airport. My original travel plans never had me at JFK during the day but life has a funny way of mixing things up. When life gives you a 11 hour layover you have to cling to sanity any way possible!

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