Trucks Carrying Trucks

If you’re into classic trucks you probably have more than one. Possibly a dozen. That just seems to be how it goes with the hobby. Classic car guys, unless insanely rich, usually have one car, maybe two if lucky. To get all your trucks to a show like the ATHS national convention you’re going to need some muscle. Sometimes that comes in the form of vintage ride. Other times it’s the rig that makes you money day in and day out. More than a few trucks from both category made it to York. Let’s take a look.

Plenty of these Dodge L-1000 made it to York. This one on the back of nice looking Peterbilt.

Peterbilt with Dodge COE

Is that what truck stops looked like back in the golden age?

ATHS National Convention

I’ve seen the Service Trucking classic fleet at Macungie for a number of years now and always dreamed of the day I would see the trucks arrive to a show. It finally happened and I was not disappointed.

Service Trucking

Old trucks are always useful. Case in point thisĀ 1965 White 4464TDL.

2015 ATHS National Convention

Deviating from the theme of today hereĀ is that amazing pair of Mack B-Model dump trucks first seen many, many, weeks ago.

And more! Not all are hauling trucks but they at least have trailers.

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