Vac Truck Blues

With the modern age we live in I expected this truck to have a different way to let operators know when the tank was full that wasn’t a floating arrow on the side. The KISS principle in action I suppose. I had to sneak under an overpass to get this photo while avoiding a group of eagle eyed DOT workers. The camera jacked the contrast up but I like it. I may have stumbled upon this truck a few years back when it was parked on the Tracey Road Equipment lot but I can’t be sure. Click here to view from 2012 and cast your vote.


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3 Responses to Vac Truck Blues

  1. Jason says:

    I wot for the NYSDOT and having an identical one like this. It didn’t have the arrow on the side, instead it had an indicator light in the cab and I believe on the front controls. Nice truck with an eaton 10 speed

  2. Jason says:

    And that is the same truck. They both have the 115248 serial number seen here on the door and on the license plate of the other photo.

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