Vac Trucks

I first saw this truck a few weeks ago as it was inching through downtown traffic. For a moment I thought about stopping to take a photo but changed my mind at the last second. Of course I was instantly racked with regret and wondered if I would ever get another crack at this truck. Wandering the streets aimlessly the other morning I had my shot to grab redemption.


It looks like I may have some dirt on my camera lense but the spots really don’t detract from the near mint condition of the International 2674. Not bad for a truck that is probably 12 years old or more. This truck belongs to a branch of Onondaga County government know as the Department of Water Environment Protection. Keeping the fashion of other county vehicles the truck number is crudely spray painted on the side.

On the newer side of the fence you will find this Western Star 4700 of Kandey Co Inc. This truck has been a regular on the Connective Corridor construction scene. I believe it is being used to dig holes for pipes and other electrical conduit. Despite crossing paths with this truck during beautiful sunny weather I’ve only bothered to take a shot of it when the sky is grey and overcast. Go Figure

Western Star 4700 Vac Truck

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