W 42nd Street NYC

This weekend I took a trip with my wife to NYC. While trying to avoid the numerous Elmos, Spidermans, and Dora the Explorers begging for money I was able to spy a few cool trucks. The first was a beautiful Mack Granite wearing the colors of Empire Transit Mix. You won’t see any pictures of that rig because I spent too much time gawking before I realized it would make a good photo. I was haunted all weekend by my failure. Thankfully I was able to bounce back and grabbed a shot of this sharp looking Autocar ACL of North Shore Neon Sign. Check out their website for great shots.

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Not too far behind the Autocar was this International WorkStar VAC truck of AARCO Environmental Services. Following Hurricane Sandy trucks like this one were all over the city pumping out flooded underground utilities and garages.

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Someday I will have to return to NYC for the sole purpose of truck spotting!

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  1. Vinny S. says:

    There are tons of unique trucks here! I only love around 10 minutes away from Manhattan.

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